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scam list tor

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Scam list tor. How to identify a Scam site.

Scam list tor are sites masquerading as online stores for divorce people for money or stealing passwords from social networks. Networks. There are especially many such sites in the tor network, because this network provides anonymity to such “projects”.

On which sites it is better not to buy (examples)

  1. Apple products and other electronics. Almost all electronics and phone stores in tor are a scam list tor. Most likely, the coveted iPhone, bought with blood money, simply will not come to you.
  2. Shops of “substances”. Drugs are a favorite piece of the rock in tor. Buy these things only in proven stores (and it is better not to buy at all, it is harmful).
  3. Suspiciously small sites, without comments and reviews.If there are only 1-2 products on the site and there are no reviews / comments, but the product is advertised as good – such a site is 80% of the site.

Most of the darknet sites you’ll find in search engines are fakes. To search, search the forums and so that there were reviews of different visitors or paid advertising. Pay attention to the obsessive style of reviews written by the authors of fakes, so that reviews are not written all in one day and with the same errors. Find the address of the store in several sources and compare them. Put proven stores in bookmarks and only them and use. For a layman, it is almost impossible to distinguish a fake from an original resource. Fakes, as a rule, do not all functions work (especially built-in chats), fakes, as a rule, load the page more slowly. Often, hired technical specialists of the resource themselves launch fakes in order to quietly steal employers and their customers.

  1. 90% of telegram merchants are crooks. You don’t have to look far for examples: check out the comments at the bottom of this page. One normal channel accounts for 10 or even 100 fakes, depending on the popularity of the brand. Many telegram channels are represented by the names of well-known sites, for example, in the .onion zone in the TOR network: hydraruzvx7jss4v.onion), which has not traded in telegram for a long time, so as not to discredit themselves (also sellers on Hydra do not have telegram channels). If you buy a anything in telegram, then you will be lucky if you just do not get anything, and can slip anything. Be sure to check with the administration of the site the correct address of the site, otherwise everything that you spend will get to the scammers. Whenever possible, always use two-factor authentication.
  2. Always, buying something on the darknet, count on the worst outcome. You can, firstly, simply be screwed up, and secondly, you can also be framed, especially if we are talking about false documents, fake money or a large amount of drugs. According to unverified data (and in the darknet verified data by definition can not be), some resources cooperate with law enforcement agencies, and the latter thus collect bribes, carry out a plan for closed cases and protect their “partners”, or they themselves contain any resources. This probably explains the longevity of individual stores on the Russian darknet and their complete impunity. For comparison, in the United States and Europe, any promoted drug store does not live more than a year. In our country, the above-mentioned platform has been living for more than 5 years, is advertised through legal online media and surpasses all foreign stores combined in terms of sales.

Fraudulent sites

  1. The champion in the number of fake copies is the above-mentioned Hydra – the largest surfant marketplace. The fake site completely (almost) copies the pages of the site, replacing the site addresses with its own, also replaces the details for payment with its own. When entering a login, it saves it, and if there is money on the victim’s balance, the password is automatically changed. For obvious reasons, the addresses of fakes are not given here. If anyone is interested, then look for Hydra on Yandex or Google. All you find there is 100% fake. Scam list tor should either be asked of friends or searched in the same darknet. One good search engine for .onion sites is AHMIA.FI The higher the popularity of the site, the more likely it is to run into a fake. Be careful! Scam list tor, go to the Tor network only for excursions and no shopping.
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